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12 Costume Ideas to Dress Like Your Favorite Badass Woman This Halloween

12 Costume Ideas to Dress Like Your Favorite Badass Woman This Halloween
Halloween is the perfect time to let out your inner badass — or at least, to dress up like the badass woman you look up to. These are the women wh...

Dumped On New Year’s Eve For Being Fat, I Clapped Back With A Photo Shoot

Plus Size Model Sheila Lopez
Early morning on December 31st, I was shopping at the grocery store picking out some fresh veggies, fruit, and some eggs to make my boyfriend and I breakfast. I get a text to come back to the hotel. That text was the beginning of the end. A couple of hours later, my eyes bloodshot red from crying, the radio cranked up to Selena’s “Como La Flor”, I was driving two and a half hours back home. I had been dumped hours before New Year’s Eve...

Standing At The Intersection of Fat, Black, and Muslim In America

Leah Vernon Muslim Body Positive Activist
I’m a fat, Black, Muslim feminist who lives check to check in the city of Detroit. I’ve got a lot of intersections. My form of speaking up comes from words and utilizing my body as art to push the feminist agenda. A form of radicalism to shake the status quo. A means to start the dialogue of what an intersectional feminist who happens to be Muslim looks like. To rock the foundations of deep-rooted Eurocentric beauty standards that are causing...

Book Review: All the Lives I Want: Essays About my Best Friends Who Happen to be Famous Strangers

book review all the lives I want
The book is a collection of essays, each framed around the lives of different iconic women, and each intriguing, informative, and badass in their own right. Alana’s tell-it-like-it-is voice resounds in every chapter, and...