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Feminist News + Events + Book Reviews

Dumped On New Year’s Eve For Being Fat, I Clapped Back With A Photo Shoot

Plus Size Model Sheila Lopez
Early morning on December 31st, I was shopping at the grocery store picking out some fresh veggies, fruit, and some eggs to make my boyfriend and I breakfast. I get a text to come back to the hotel. That text was the beginning of the end. A couple of hours later, my eyes bloodshot red from crying, the radio cranked up to Selena’s “Como La Flor”, I was driving two and a half hours back home. I had been dumped hours before New Year’s Eve...

Standing At The Intersection of Fat, Black, and Muslim In America

Leah Vernon Muslim Body Positive Activist
I’m a fat, Black, Muslim feminist who lives check to check in the city of Detroit. I’ve got a lot of intersections. My form of speaking up comes from words and utilizing my body as art to push the feminist agenda. A form of radicalism to shake the status quo. A means to start the dialogue of what an intersectional feminist who happens to be Muslim looks like. To rock the foundations of deep-rooted Eurocentric beauty standards that are causing...