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Cardi B Prayer Candle Intersectional Feminist Gifts
Cardi B Feminist Speakeasy
Cardi B Prayer Candle / Vinyl Sticker

Cardi B Prayer Candle / Vinyl Sticker

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This lady needs no introduction, okurrr?!

We recommend the sticker option to reduce shipping costs and for all shoppers outside the United States. Every item is packaged with care but all international packages are subject to customs searches, therefore, we can't guarantee they're re-packaged safely. If you choose the sticker option and purchased your own candle, use the DIY sticker application videos below.

This prayer candle is inspired by Cardi B, and part of our Strong Woman series. Because sometimes we need to summon remarkable women to cheer on us when doing courageous work 💪

- The candle is unscented

- Burns for 7 days

- May or may not have special powers... proceed with caution ;)

Available as a prayer candle OR as a 4" x 6" vinyl sticker!


Angie Quintanilla Coates

DIY Sticker Application Video