Fuck Colonialism Pin – Feminist Speakeasy

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fuck colonialism enamel pin shaped like red soda can

Fuck Colonialism Pin

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This fuck colonialism pin is a Feminist Speakeasy exclusive. The design is inspired by our desire to nurture decolonized ideologies on health and wellness passed down by our Shaman's, Abuela's, and Elders. Wear this as you resist and persist against the fog of patriarchy and imperialism. 
Designer: Michaela Guyton
Pin Name: Fuck Colonialism
  • Size: 30 millimeters
  • Process: Soft Enamel
  • Clutch: Blue Double Rubber Clutch
  • Packaging: Decorative Backing Card + Plastic Wrapped
Product Uses: lapel pin, jacket flair, anti-colonialism, gifts for activists, women's march for equality merch, feminist art, home decor, etc.